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Your Unseen Power

"There is nothing outside of us.  It's all in us." ~ Yogi Bhajan Every time I open a yoga teacher training program, no exceptions, two things happen that help me to awaken to some aspects we, as women, need to collectively tend to.

#1 ~ how to make decisions
# 2 ~ how to trust ourselves

I am so very compassionate to you, and these women, because I myself have been there.

Here's an example of how your psyche works, so you reallllly get this.

At 21 years old (16 years ago) I made an "impulsive" decision to get Lola.

I was working part time, in school full time, a girlfriend, in a new city, and now a fur baby mom.

Now here's the thing, it didn't feel like it was impulsive.

It felt right.

But, I was told  by someone that it was impulsive.

Just a simple conversation with someone close, and they didn't mean anything by it, but my pysche latched on to that comment and turned it in to a BIG deal.

After a couple of months, and being completely overwhelmed, …

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