A Recipe for Why

"The inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something."
-meredith monk

I shall get right to the point. 

WHY you do something is more important than what. 

In a world that glorifies busy, productivity, sacrifice, and being on all the time, we are quickly loosing touch with the why. 

Existing on autopilot most of the time, we no longer take the sacred pauses that keep us connected to Why, and instead spend most of our time focusing on How.

You know it. It sounds like "how can I do this?", "how will I find the time?", or "how could this happen?"

Yet, Winter is a season who asks little of us but to dream, envision, and receive insight. 

Stripped to the bones, bare, raw, she shows us how to shed the extraneous so that we might become clear. 

The season of solitude, she encourages us to create more alone time, quiet, and go inward more often. 

If our rhythms remain the same as they are in the Summer months, our creative efforts the same as the Spring, or our celebrations continue as thoseof the Fall, we miss out on the teachings of the Winter and all she has to offer. 

In these final weeks of calm, as the darkness fades, and before the renewal of Spring, let us use this time wisely to gain more clarity. 

To understand our Why. 

As someone who has lived, and well, in the mindset of going with the flow, becoming clear and defining my direction has never been something I felt comfortable doing. 

I don't really like rules, straight lines, doing things "normally", expected of me, or the same as everyone else. 

What I have slowly, many times painfully, come to realize is clarity is not something that we seek out moment to moment. 

We don't just get it in our yoga class or meditative moments. 

It's also not something to just sit around and wait for. 

Clarity comes when we are truly connected to our Self and can answer why.

And, when we are already in a moment of honouring a previous insight, download, or intuitive hit. 

Because you see, clarity multiples. 

Even when you act on the tiniest moments, feelings, or Soul-ullar instructions, you will afford yourself more. 

And even more powerful, and what has helped me stay fluid yet clear, day to day, is knowing my Why. 

I continue to road map my goals, dreams, and desires. 
What I want to see and feel for myself in this life, this year. 
How I want to create and manifest what I long to call in. 

But, every time, without fail, I fall back on my Why to make sure I am truly staying aligned. 

So here are some instructions for The Recipe for Why to take in to these final few weeks of this magical season:
(this recipe can be used for personal, business, family, or anything else you might be brewing up this year)

-Name your top 1-3 goals for 2018.

-For each, write out your why. Why are you really doing it? 
When you speak it aloud, makes you sit up in your seat and perk up?
Does it excite you? Does it make you want to get out of bed? 
Work more on yourself? 
 If you can't identify a compelling why, it may be that this is not, actually, the most pressing goal for you right now. Being open to this is difficult, but can be liberating.
(Adapted from Bombilore)
-Each time you are asked to do something, or you feel you should, or want to, ask yourself Why first?
Is it truly needed or are you avoiding/feeling/in your ego?
Does it align with how you want to feel or what you want to create today?
-Next time you have to make a big decision write down Why you are at the crossroads. Why would you follow or allow for either for in the road? Why you feel confident with your final choice.

-Winter's main emotional compass is Fear. Where do you feel fearful, unsure, or even totally lost as to how to go about something? Why do you feel this/these?

Now that you have the Why you can begin take steps on the how, when, where, with who.....

The Why is your Road Map. 

May clarity + peace prevail within and around us, All Ways. 


p.s. Feel free to press {Reply} and keep in touch. Let me know if this resonated or how it changes things for you. x


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